Tugs + Barges

On-demand Shipping

Our fleet of three tugs and four flat barges complements and augments our scheduled runs with bookable on-request freight and delivery services available anywhere along the BC coast from Alaska to Vancouver.

Available for short- or long-term contracts hauling freight anywhere on BC’s coastline, our tugs and barges are able to assist with everything from construction equipment delivery and installation to land reclamation projects to the shipping of dangerous goods.

These smaller vessels not only deliver freight but also assist with: 

Salvage operations

Marine emergency responses

Our Tugs


40 tonne
14 meter

Gulf Rival

15 tonne
11 meter


10 tonne
12 meter

Our Barges

Miller 206

774T 58.5 X 14.6M Flat deck ramp + crane barge

Radium 620

320T 46 X 11M Flat deck ramp + crane barge


660T 51 X 14M Flat deck ramp barge

Jenson Cove

393T 36 X 14M Spud + crane barge