Our Community Involvement

Committed to a Thriving Central Coast Community

We not only serve the Central Coast,
we also live here.

The majority of our employees have spent enough time on the Central Coast to truly understand and appreciate its unique challenges and rewards. 

And we know how critical it is to ensure essential goods reach remote destinations.

By way of the Central Coaster, which is an integral part of the coastal freight delivery highway, and supported by our fleet of tugs and barges, we are committed to ensuring timely and scheduled deliveries of essential goods 12 months of the year.


In addition to delivering staples like groceries and fuel, we also sell fuel directly to Coastal communities, camps, lodges, hatcheries, remote airports and fuel docks, as well as essential heating fuel for hospitals, schools, seniors centres and more.

We offer the only way to ship oxygen to the hospital. We transport BC Hydro equipment and transformers, aircraft and helicopters, and we’re here to assist in the event of emergency rescues and forest fires.

We’re dedicated to sharing our skills, expertise and equipment wherever and whenever they’re needed throughout our coastal communities.